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August 26, 2005


emily h

i, being one of the many who choose not to attend church, think nothing of ppl who do not devote their early sunday mornings to a building. i think them, if i should choose to think them anything, as either nonchristians, non religious, or solitary practicers. i think there is nothing wrong with any of these assumptions. attending or not attending church does not dictate whether or not you are a good or bad person. it dictates nothing other than you do not go to church. the reason behind this decision is a personal matter.


I think people don't attend church because there is no reason for them too. Half of the churches don't want to have anything more to do with 'unholy' people than to save them or sign them up. And the other Half are so busy trying to cater to those peoples wants and preferences that they cease actually being a church. So most people outside of the church view it as either full of hypocrites or shallow people.

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